Meet Jennifer and David


Jennifer Gail

Since childhood, Jennifer Gail has been engulfed in music and performance. Originally from Upland, CA, the singer-songwriter, actor, and all around performer spent most of her formative years traveling the country, as well as Australia, sampling a broad spectrum of musical influences. She is a self-taught guitarist and her vocal range spans genres as diverse as classical, contemporary, folk and musical theater.


Since the age of four, Jennifer Gail's passion for theater performance has put her at the forefront of numerous musical productions and shows. In addition to her classical background in opera, Jennifer graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy where she studied all aspects of theater and music in both Los Angeles and New York City. Despite all of the success she had captivating her theatrical audiences, Jennifer grew tired of singing and performing other peoples' songs and scripts and yearned for something more. In 2003, she found the creative outlet that her passion had been craving when she picked up her father's old guitar and started writing and performing her own songs. Since then, she has completed her debut CD entitled Still and has toured the West Coast sharing her music with others.Along with her many accomplishments, Jennifer has always dreamed of giving back her talent and experience in the form of teaching.  This is why she founded One Story Creations, a place where children can come and let their creativity flourish through singing, acting, and dance.  Jennifer hopes to reach out to children allowing them to learn and grow in a fun and uplifting environment. 


David Castagner

David has always had a passion for music and teaching.  He first started playing music at the age of three, when he would take all the pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets and bang on them like drums (much to his mother’s chagrin).  From there he moved on to piano, and then bass guitar.   Over the years, he has learned to play many instruments, including guitar, drums, tuba, orchestral percussion… anything he could get his hands on. 

David studied classical music Composition at McGill University in Montreal.  After his “serious” studies were concluded, David moved to Hollywood to be a part of the music scene, playing in various rock bands all over town.   While working at a music store, he met Jennifer, who hired him to play bass in her band.  The relationship blossomed into a beautiful marriage, and now the two run One Story Creations together.  

David loves to teach, and has always been more than willing to share what he knows with anyone who asks.  He has been blessed with seemingly limitless patience and thinks that learning should be fun and not a chore.   He has been teaching music for 18 years.