Poo Fly Don’t Bother Me I’m Playing With My Fidget Spinner

Now, I’ve dealt with many not so pleasant sights, smells, and sounds in my days of being a parent to two little boys, but nothing quite prepared me for what happened after a trip to our RV toilet one morning. Just minding my own business doing the business that needed to be done, and as I’m flushing our wonderful Thetford Aqua Magic IV out zoomed one lonely black fly right into my face!! I screamed and did a crazy hair moving dance inside the 2 square feet of bathroom space and watched in horror as the Poo Fly landed on any and all surfaces its heart desired in our throne room. My mind raced with questions of why and how a fly could survive the depths of the RV black tank, and more importantly, were there more trying to make their way out of the darkness just waiting to shoot up into the light of our bathroom?? But I had to put all that aside for a moment so I could “take care of business" once more hahaha…I got the little poo fly and squished him right up against the ceiling vent. The day was saved, the fly was squished and then it was my turn to mop up with the lysol wipes. I had survived.

Let’s just say from now on I will be flushing with the lid closed. Oh, and RV bathrooms now rank one point higher for me than a porta-potty.

I’m sure by now you have all heard of fidget spinners, or maybe even have a nice collection of them at home. If not, they are little plastic or metal toys built on bearings so you can spin and balance them in your hands. They are supposed to help ease anxiety or stress and keep your hands busy. But really they are just the next big international fad! I’ve been through many fads in my life. Slap bracelets, pogs, pet rocks, and even a very strange one where I forced my mom to buy me a pacifier in middle school cause it was the cool thing to do. (sorry mom)

Our entire family now owns their own fidget spinner and the boys even have two each. I couldn’t resist. We gave into the fad and are loving every minute of it...or at least our hands are! Maybe we should invest in a bulk pack and start spreading the love throughout the campgrounds we visit. Another side job perhaps??

That’s all for now. Our adventures keep growing and I’m really glad I get to share them with all of you…whoever you are. ;) We always love feedback and enjoy hearing others' stories about being on the road. Comment below and lets share! Sharing is Caring.

Until next time always remember, One Story Loves You!

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